Vedic Fire Ceremony Mantras

Learn the Vedic Fire Ceremony mantras

- Vyahrti Mantra

- Gayatri Mantra

- Maha Mrtyunjaya Mantra

The Agni Hotra mantras are done at sunrise and sunset.

Many mantras depending on the time of day, year, astrological needs can be added with a “Svaha” at the end to offer into the fire.  Often times we say “Namaha” if we are not offering to the fire. Review other blog posts for these mantras.

The closing mantras are variable.  But generally a Guru Mantra for our lineage of Gurus, a Shanti Mantra for peace and a closing Mantra for reminding us of who we truly are.

These mantras are powerful and directly from the Vedas. 


Mantra sheet  


Closing Mantras

Vyahrti Mantra

Gayatri mantra

Maha Mrtyunjaya Mantra