Prasadam from Amma Sri Karunamayi

Prasadam means blessed offering.  Often times when there are materials in a sacred space that have been blessed with the power of mantra and ancient Sanskrit - and in the presence of enlightened Masters and avatars such as Amma Sri Karunamayi- we are given materials from the offerings to eat, put on our altars or wear. 

All of this is called Prasadam.

In a temple, you typically only take the offering with your right hand, palm up and imbibe.

Amma sends prasadam with every homa, puja you sponsor for her and her Vedic priests to hold an intention into the cosmos. 



Prasadam from Amma from a Rudra Abishekam I sponsored. Top left is sindur / Sindoor - we offer to Ganesha.  Top right is raksha - sacred ash from Amma’s homa / fire ceremony.  Bottom left is sugar.  And bottom right is vibhuti or sacred ash from Vedic fire ceremonies - divine scent and all natural materials only from Amma. 


Vibhuti on the 3rd eye

Vibhuti absorbed straight into my third eye.  As if the pineal gland is absorbing it all completely. 


Raksha, Sindur (Sindoor) and Vibhuti 

Apply the sacred materials using the ring finger of your right hand only.  Dip the ring finger into each of the materials and place on the forehead for maximum absorption.

My forehead has tingled so much with prasadam- Amma’s shakti is tremendous.  You can sponsor her homas and pujas at