Harnessing the vibration of Fear

Fear and anxiety have vibrations.  Much like anything else on this earth.  When you look at fear at its core it, like all "energy," vibrates.

During the last teacher training weekend I asked what "energy" was.  It's hard to define. 

So I gave Einstein's definition e=mc(squared).  Which is hard to understand.

But what is not difficult to understand is FEELING.  Whether or not we have the vocabulary for the feeling - we know manifestations of fear in the body show up as:

1) trembling

2) tremors

3) shakiness in the voice

I harness these "energies" or "vibrations" when I speak or sing by using them to power the voice.  That's the intriguing thing.  They actually create an astonishing vibrato: the trembling, the tremors, the shakiness.  And what is most fascinating is that behind them is even more sound.

It's actually more genuine to harness the energy of fear rather than trying to mask it.  

Harnessing fear, acknowledging it, naming it and loving it make genuine expressions more real, immediate and accessible. 

Try it.