Awakening to who You truly are

There is an indelible process that happens when one practices Yoga as taught to us by our Spiritual Masters. 

Lifetime after lifetime, I am taught that no matter the external hullabaloo of existence, there is a greater order.  

What is intriguing is to step deeper into these levels of consciousness within the context of a group or satsang (spiritual community) that understands.  With much compassion - in any group - individuals are awakening at their own paces and in their own beings.  Beware of many false teachers in groups of people following Gurus and Masters.  Wolves in Sheeps’ clothing abound.

When one moves ever-deeper inward, there are only few who can go with you on the journey.  And then one finds oneself on the journey Alone. 

But what inevitably happens is all the loneliness and difficulties drop in this spiritual Aloneness.  And a greater love permeates and saturates you until nothing else matters.

Yes - we need guidance while we awaken - but eventually we become the guides to the awakening in all.

I have learned from my Teachers to trust them implicitly.  And what is the gift?  Of this trust?  My Self.

love supreme. 


Sri Suktam - Sumukhi Devī Devanagari 

Kristina Lanuza