The Heart of Bhakti Yoga

My understanding of Bhakti Yoga stems from having grown up in a devotional Catholic family in the Philippines.  Some of my most wonderful memories were with my father's mother, my grandmother - whose name was Fe - which means Faith.  

Amazingly, her name was incredibly appropriate for her.  Her faith was and still is a bedrock, even beyond her physical presence.

She used to take me to church very early in the morning.  I remember 5 am or so.  She took me even when I was very young.  And a bit unruly.  But I loved it.  I loved the pink sisters singing all around me. The peace and devotion.  The prayers.  

Where I found the same mystical devotion in the U.S. as we have in Asia?  In Hindu temples, at ashrams, in kirtan, at bhajans. 

And so it is.

These pages are dedicated to teaching some of what I have learned throughout my years of practicing and teaching yoga in all of its many and diverse forms.

Much love,



Sumukhi bhakti offering to Amma Sri Karunamayi